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Walton Colliery site

The Barnsley Canal

Monday 8th April 2002, West Yorkshire

The old Barnsley CanalI make a few sweeps with the pond net in the derelict Barnsley canal at the Walton Colliery site country park south east of Wakefield.

mayfly larvae The water is clean enough to support mayfly larvae which have three thin tails and a fringe of gills along either side of the abdomen.

bloodworm A small 'bloodworm', the larva of a chironomid midge swims with a figure-of-eight motion, like a madly animated piece of vermicelli. The chironomid midge is a non-biting species.

water mite A water mite scurries busily past. It has eight legs but, unlike a spider, its circular body is all in one page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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