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Grey Skies

Wednesday, 31st July 2002, West Yorkshire

grey afternoonGrey sky; I mix a bit of blue and bit of crimson but there's a yellowish cast on this damp, misty afternoon, so in goes the yellow . . . then more blue.

I recently read Ron Ranson's book on Watercolour Skies and my mix-and-match method seems too timid, too likely to lead to muddy colours. However, I have to say that the final colour is as near as I could have got it. Even now I've scanned it and I've got it onto my web page, when I look out of the window it's still the same grey.

mixing grey Ron Ranson advises painters to choose the most interesting part of a sky - not necessarily the part that is just behind your subject. With more rain to come, this afternoon's sky is uniformly grey (or ultramarine/alizarin crimson/lemon yellow).next page

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