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Bean Pods

Sunday, 12th October 2003
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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broad bean podsThe broad bean pods (left) are dark brown: twisted and shrivelled as if charred by fire.

dwarf French beanThe dwarf French bean (right) pods are faded to mottled straw; the colour of putty might be a more accurate description. They to are brittle and dead-looking but open them and their beautiful beans, like tiny polished pebbles, are purple-back flecked with fleshy pink.

Following the advice of television self-sufficiency expert Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall I intend to try planting some of these in the greenhouse in February to produce an early crop of beans by May, when the tomato plants will go in. At this time of year - according to the three-fold division of the year he suggests for growing crops in poly-tunnels - I should have salad leaves growing in there, but, the weather being so mild, the tomatoes are still ripening.


All screwed up

green tomatoesSuch a pleasure to draw these after an afternoon putting up shelves at the back of the garage; I'm glad to stop that task. I'm just about to complete the job by screwing the brackets to the shelves when I come across a fundamental truth of DIY:

Even though I've got hundreds of screws (I always recycle them when I take anything to bits) of dozens of different varieties it gets to the stage where every screw I try is either:

  • too long
  • too short
  • too thin
  • or too thick

But hey, how does a person of practicality and Zen-like calm react when the third screw I've tried in one particular hole comes up right through the shelf, because it's too long? Simple: just shout:

'You rotter!!!!! - ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!'

It's at this point when Barbara, overhearing this from the kitchen suggests that it's time for me to stop for the day!

Drawing bean pods for half an hour is such a therapy! Honestly, it is, you should try it sometime! next page

Richard Bell

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