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Diving Deep

Friday, 3rd October 2003
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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shelly debris

I'm diving into my own past; I was last in Lincoln, just for the day, in 1979. I spent the day drawing fossils in the walls of the cathedral for a book I was working on so I decide to do the same today. The cathedral was rebuilt in medieval gothic but a lot of the original Romanesque is still visible. In the grounds of the hotel opposite there are parts of a Roman gateway and a length of Roman wall.

But the fossils take us back a whole lot deeper in time. This oolitic limestone block was a part of the sea bed some 150 million years ago. It gives a cross section of the seabed of that time. There are patches of shelly debris and what appear to me to be traces of burrows going down to the lower left and right.

There will be more to follow on Lincoln next page

Richard Bell

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