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A Dream of Chasing Rabbits

Christmas Day, 25th December 2003, page 2 of 2
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Ceddy a Jack RusselAs Ceddy (short for Cedric) the Jack Russell terrier sleeps I notice his paws start to gently spread and then come back again. He repeats this action several times. His whiskers twitch a little. So does his ear.

His owner, Pieter, tells me that Ceddy will sometimes growl, in his sleep, but very quietly.

As one of Ceddy's favourite occupations is to spend an hour or two chasing rabbits on the the hillside while his owner flies a radio-controlled model aircraft, Pieter guesses that the little terrier is dreaming of chasing rabbits.

back legpawKnowing that his owner comes to recover the plane where it lands, Ceddy follows it when he sees it gliding towards the ground, then stands guard. He doesn't attempt to touch it, or retrieve it but stays by it to protect it.

head rear legs

forelegsrear end

Jack Russell terrier dreaming'Frank was the only Zen member of our family,' writes Danny Gregory in his Everyday Matters drawing journal, 'an eight-year-old mutt who knew how to relax.'

Drawing Ceddy, I know exactly what he means. Dogs are appealing subjects to draw as they're so un-self-concious. next page

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