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Sleeping Dragon

Tuesday, 8th December 2003
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

As the sun rises, the valley seems to be awakening, breathing misty vapour - as if an earth dragon is stirring in its wintry lair.

Inbox Inspirations

It was some recent e-mails that inspired me to go down the garden with my digital camera:


Photograph copyright Hazel KahanFrom Mattituck, Long Island, Hazel Kahn sends me this photograph to let me know what it's like in her back garden today. 'The blizzard has passed,' she says, 'and things have returned to normal with surprising speed.'


washing linerosellas

rosella Reminding us that it isn't winter everywhere, Barbara Regent had these rosella parakeets the washing line the other day in her garden in New South Wales.

Lair sunriseTexan Sunrise

Rheba Kramer Mitchell's backyard has a panorama on a Texan scale: 'I have had the early morning wake-ups this week; got up around 5 AM this morning and watched this unfold as I checked my email.'

Red Dragon

copyright Lisa S. of WindartIt's the fantasy art of Liza S., who left a message in my guestbook yesterday, who gets me thinking about sleeping dragons. This is her Dragon in a Bottle.

artwork by Lisa S.Her fantasy menegarie k also includes unicorns and this howling grey wolf. next page

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Richard Bell

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