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house sparrow

Pampas Grass

Saturday, 23rd February 2003, West Yorkshire

sparrow on pampas grasssparrowFive or six house sparrows have gathered on the plumes of the pampas grass in a neighbours front garden. Two of the females are pecking at the seedheads and eating the seeds. During the few moments that I watch them they don't appear to be gathering nesting material.

black-headed gullsAs we walk along the pavement there's a small white 'splat!' on the ground in front of us. Twenty feet above our heads two black-headed gulls are perched side by side on the lamp standard. From the cluster of white droppings below they have evidently been there for some time. Both still have the small black spot behind the eye. Soon they will be moulting into their spring plumage with a chocolate-brown cap.

We had a narrow escape!

tawny owlLate in the evening we heard a tawny owl calling behind the house, giving its 'kiwikk! kiwikk!' call. next page

Richard Bell