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Sparrows on a hot shed roof

Monday, 26th May 2003, West Yorkshire

sparrows on the shedHouse sparrows sun themselves on the south-facing side of the shed roof. They fluff out their feathers, half open their wings and soak up the heat. Perhaps they're getting rid of feather mites or perhaps they just enjoy sunbathing.

They remind me of burgers on spread out on the grill in a fast-food restaurant.

meadow buttercupbush vetch

A corner of meadow

It's going too far to call the patch beyond the veg beds a meadow but this 'meadow area' is a little tangle of wild flowers (or weeds, if you prefer) that I wouldn't want to get rid of. I can just go down there, sit on my new bench and start drawing the tangle of (from left to right) creepeing buttercup, dock and nettle leaves, a bluebell (is it the Spanish variety? I still haven't quite decided) and, throwing a tendril out to the bluebell, bush vetch.

flyA flesh-fly, with red eyes and big feet, suns itself on my sketchbook.

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Richard Bell