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Sea Kale Beet

Wednesday, 17th September 2003
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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sea kale beetThis 6 foot tall plant of Swiss Chard, beta vulgaris, also known as 'Sea Kale Beet', has grown up on the furthest veg bed, the one that never got fully dealt with this year.

sea kale flowersIt has clusters of greenish flowers that look like little bottle-brushes.

leafThough the flowerheads are softly bristly to the touch the simple leaves and the crimson-washed stems are smooth and polygonal in cross-section, like a pencil. There are no ribs on the stem.

stemSwiss Chard is a cultivated variety of Sea Beet, Beta vulgaris, a coastal species that, in its other cultivated varieties, is grown as spinach beet and beetroot. next page

Swiss Chard, Beta vulgaris cycla


Richard Bell

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