Stretching a Point

Saturday, 13th November 2004
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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Amapi 6: This is my attempt at the PC Format biplane tutorial!

My artist friend John Welding spent a couple of years working with 3D design so, when he and Helen Thomas cycle over this afternoon, I'm keen to show him how I'm getting on with Vue.

As always, he's encouraging about my efforts so far. Hoping for a few tips, I show him Amapi 6, a 3D modelling program which, like Vue, was recently featured in a full version on the cover of PC Format.

I just can't get started, even though I've now read the tutorial half a dozen times.

iron man from Vue

An Iron Man, inspired by the Ted Hughes children's story, created in Vue d'Espirit 3


Stretching the form doesn't always have the effects I'm after in Amapi 6

Within 5 minutes browsing through the bits and pieces of the program with John I feel that I could begin to tackle it.

Here are my first attempts (left) at following the PC Format tutorials. I find it more difficult than Vue (right), mainly because, in Amapi, there is far more opportunity for manipulating models. Tools that 'stretch' and 'extrude' wireframe shapes take some getting used to. Vue, for all its sophistication, presents you with the basic units for building a 3D landscape, so it's a bit like putting together a scene using a set of children's building bricks, albiet bricks that you can then squash or stretch (in a simple way) and vary in colour and texture. Next Page

Vue d'Espirit

Building up a form from components in Vue d'Espirit 3

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Richard Bell,

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