Still Life with Coffee Tables

Tuesday, 16th November 2004, page 2 of 2
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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The frustration of not getting out to do all the drawing I need to do for my Horbury 'Sushi' makes me desperate to draw this evening. But what? I pick up my sketchbook and art pen, look around and decide I can't do better than one of the Ikea folding stools that we use as a coffee table.

There's my current Pink Pig sketchbook which I use for the serious stuff; I'm drawing this in an A5 size book-style sketchbook. It has thin paper that doesn't take watercolour without cockling and black ink shows through the page so I'm leaving the reverse side of each sheet blank and using it just for 'fun' sketches, or sketches snatched on my errands.

Which are often the best, indeed only, sketches I produce during the day.

I enjoy drawing that so much that I turn the other way and draw this far from artfully arranged still life on the coffee table. Next Page

coffee table


Richard Bell,

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