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Thursday, 1st April 2004
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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I've been busy drawing over the last month for this new series of sketchbooks that I'm publishing: Sketchbook Sushi is the series title as they're intended to be little packages of 'raw' sketchbook pages, freshly prepared and full of variety.

sketchbookMist over Langsett

Last November I made a 3 day, 40 mile walk from here in the Calder Valley to the moors of the Peak District. I added a handwritten text and printed it as a small sketchbook (the same size as the spiral bound sketchbook I carried with me, right) to send out to friends with our Christmas cards. I was pleased with the way it summed up the experience so it has become number one in this new series.

This Distant Northern Sea

At the end of February I found myself wanting to spend a day drawing by the sea so I set off on the train for Scarborough on a day of strong northerly winds and spectacular breakers at high tide. Sheltering where I could, I got so much drawing done that I made up another facsimile sketchbook to the same format.

The Normanton Chronicles

Normanton sketchesHaving experienced moors and coast I felt that I needed a contrasting subject before I launched the series: on a visit to Normanton I was struck by the strong visual character of this small northern town.

I've spent three or four days drawing on location and I'm about to start writing up the booklet.

Your Local Sketchbook Sushi Bar

At the moment only the first two titles are available - at Ottakars, Wakefield, and Rickaro Bookshop, Horbury. Copies of the first two titles, Mist over Langsett and This Distant Northern Sea are £3.99 each, black and white and colour, 24 pages, size approx 145 x 147 mm (a little under 6 inches square). The Normanton Chronicles looks as if it will run to 36 pages.

You can order them directly from me, post free in the U.K., at the e-mail address below. If you live outside the U.K. you might find it more convenient to e-mail Richard Knowles at as he is geared up for credit and debit cards and can deliver worldwide. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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