Meet Baron Romero

Saturday, 31st July 2004
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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wine bottle

I'm afraid that this time I might have gone too far in my search for a bargain: I should have stuck to my usual rule of 'whatever they've got for under £3' and not been tempted by the 'less than £2' category.

It was the urbane Baron Romero with his 'Assurance de Qualité' who tempted me. After all, the baron had inscribed the label with his signature. Yes, he looks respectable enough in his evening dress but could that waxed turned-up mustachio be a hint that's he's a bit of a bounder?

Baron Romero

Baron Romero

Hidden Valley

vineyardWhat do we know about him? To judge by the illustration on the label, the Baron's vineyard lies in a hidden valley surrounded by pine-clad craggy mountains.

'Este vino has sido elaborado,' explains the Baron, who is apparently fluent in four European languages, 'con variedades de uva seleccionadas.' (This wine has been elaborated with selected grape varieties).

'Es las elección perfecta,' he reassures me, 'para cualquier tipo de comida.' (It is the perfect choice for different types of meals').

With that aristocratic approval of my good taste I pour another glass of the ruby red Spanish table wine with its subtle bouquet and hint of cough mixture in the palette. Hey, isn't that exactly what I'm drinking it with; a different type of meal; ('Barbara's chicken and homegrown courgette pasta with her homegrown tomato, cucumber and beetroot salad).

Do summer evening meals on the patio get any more perfect than this?


Tasting Notes

Bench in BenidormI am a computer literate “tramp”. Actually my favourite wine is, in fact, Baron Romero. I drink at least a bottle a day. I find it much nicer and easier to get down than that expensive £5 a bottle vinegar which seems so popular with the masses.

For value however, try the Spanish red in Netto Benidorm. I winter there. They sell litre cartons of the local vin de pays for 39p. After sinking a carton you will need a good 3 hour kip on a park or roadside bench so make sure you have a fairly open diary before you tackle it.

Keep on Swigging,

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Netto, my favourite Danish owned discount grocery store, vintners to Baron Romero.

Richard Bell,

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