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Tuesday, 14th September 2004, page 1 of 2
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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Copyright Michael Nobbs, 2004. Used with permission.

© Michael Nobbs, 2004.
Used with permission

I've never joined a web ring before but I thought I'd make an exception for Blogs Illustrated, which, according to Madge (a.k.a. 'Majolica Webb', see link below), is:

the first (don't quote me) blog ring specifically for blogs written/run by artists and illustrators, amateur or professional, who illustrate their blogs/lives with their own work, . . . using their blog not just as a gallery for their work, but using their work to do the blogging.

There's work from artists I've already met, ranging from the energetic Everyday Matters of New Yorker Danny Gregory to the relaxed west coast sketchbooks of Karen Winters.

Nearer to home, on the west coast of Wales, former abstract painter, Michael Nobbs writes that he 'was diagnosed with ME/CFS. He tried very hard to get better. Now he's decided not to try so hard and just to try and live a life. Even if it does look rather small and insignificant at least it's his.'

In her Pomegranates and Paper Loretta worries that her journal is turning 'into a run-of-the-mill what I ate for breakfast blog.' Then she includes this drawing of breakfast at Nonnies Country Kitchen:

Loretta: breakfastI think that's what keeping a sketchbook, a drawing journal or a weblog is all about: seeing the extraordinary in our 'small and insignificant' lives.

Breakfast has never looked so beautiful.

Elf Warning

To see if you qualify to join the Blogs Illustrated web ring Madge asks you to answer a few simple questions:

  1. Is your site a blog/weblog/journal?

  2. Do you put pictures in your blog?

  3. elfDo you generate/create/paint/draw/collage/sculpt those pictures yourself?

  4. Is your work original?

  5. Do you update your site regularly with new work?

    So far, so good, then comes the killer question:

  6. Do you now, or have you ever, included elves, pixies or dragons in you blog?

The Lady of the Rings

Actually she doesn't ask question 6 but I thought I'd put in the gratuitously pixilated person anyway (she'll hate him!).

'What we're trying to say,' she explains, 'is that MANGA, ANIME or FANTASY (middle earth, elves, dragons) won't really fit this web ring : We don't have anything against it per se, but all of these different genres are already very very well covered elsewhere in hundreds of other rings. PLEASE don't take this the wrong way, it's just not what this ring is about.' Next Page

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Vitriolica Webb's Ite drawn by Madge's alter-ego, Majolica Webb

Blogs Illustrated

Richard Bell,

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