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Sunday, 23rd January 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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first sketch

This morning, on the river, a pair of goosanders are swimming where I saw the mallards yesterday.

In the evening I draw them from memory (left) and again (right), after looking at the bird book. Goosanders are becoming more frequent in the area but it still feels as if it's something special to see them. Mind you, I can think that about sparrows.

second sketch of goosanders

Horbury QuarryThe blocky rock-face of Horbury Quarry is thrown into relief by low winter sun, bringing out the structure of layers and joints.

At the Pageant Players we're painting the Queen of Hearts' headquarters for our pantomime - I imagine it like a Las Vegas hotel suite, with pillar, pediments and French doors, decorated in pink, lilac and red, with kitsch heart motifs. So far, so good: then Wendy the producer reminds me that it's not the Queen of Hearts, it's the Queen of Spades. I paint out one of the hearts and replace it with three black balls, linked in clover-leaf fashion.

Oops! - that's clubs!

It would be unwise to take me on as a bridge partner. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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