Gold and Rust

Monday, 17th October 2005

From the studio window, 6 p.m.

golden hornetThe golden hornet crab apple has lost its leaves during the last week but is still clinging onto a good crop of apples. These are often ignored by the birds until they've begun to turn brown after the first frosts. Perhaps this year the squirrels, which are now regular visitors to the garden, will eat them before they go to waste.

caravanThere are no longer ponies in the meadow. There was a lot of ragwort this summer - there seems to be more of it about in general, on road verges and waste ground - and the people who rented the field have taken their ponies elsewhere. I'll miss them, but hopefully the meadow will recover and turn green again. This year it got muddy and well trampled at the bottom end, where the ponies were fed, and this may have given the ragwort the chance to invade open patches of ground.

barrowRough PatchThe cover star of Rough Patch (left) is lurking in the shadows by the hedge.

'I've got that new wheelbarrow for you in the outhouse!' said Barbara's mum, 'If you'd collected it, you could have had that on the cover.'

'No!' I explained, 'it wouldn't be the same if it was a new barrow: it has to be rusty and battered to go with the Rough Patch ambience!' Next Page

Richard Bell,