The Tree

Sunday, 16th October 2005

The Tree by Isabel

The tree in the forest has lots of animals. The little girl is having a picnic in the forest.

The forest is dark. The little girl is scared. She wants to go home but she couldn't find her way.

is it this way
is it that way
I don't know

the little girl thought for a minute


Guest Artist

TreedaisyYou last saw today's guest artist, my great-niece, Izzy (who will be 6 next week), sitting on a log, back in the summer (28th August) and she also makes a cameo appearance in my garden sketchbook, Rough Patch. When Joanne and Paul called this afternoon, Izzy and her elder brother, George, spent most of the time drawing.

While George and I compiled a couple of tiny booklets, one of them on Pond Life (George's drawing of our pond from a couple of years ago appears in Rough Patch), Izzy worked quietly in the background, showing me the occasional drawing and asking her mother to spell out the words she was having difficulty with.

I had no idea that she'd created a little story until she came to me to staple the sheets of scrap paper (left over from innumerable trial versions of pages for my book) together. When they left, she shyly presented Barbara and I with the finished results. I like the pace, the way the drama builds and the details, such as the caterpillar (below, right) dotted around the pictures and bringing the forest to life.

A lot of artists - from Picasso to Dan Price - have learnt a lot from watching how children draw. I'm impressed at how both she and George were able to create a bubble of concentration around themselves while we adults chatted over tea and cake.

caterpillarThank you for the story, Izzy. Next Page

Richard Bell,