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Thursday, 27th October 2005

Rotary Richard Hensby, Wakefield Rotary'A lightning sketch by Middlestown illustrator and wildlife author Richard Bell depicting Richard Hensby, Wakefield Rotary Club's president, gets the amused approval of Yvonne Hensby. The well-known artist talked to members and guests about the pleasures of sketching - and the enjoyment he gets from his organic vegetable garden. Among his other activities, he keeps an internet nature diary that is read all around the world.'

Rotary Club of Wakefield

Richard at HogwartsRuff Patch

Although Richard H. looks quite at home with his portrait, I'm looking a bit out of place, lurking in the background: I can't help thinking that I look as if I've stepped out of one of the portraits in Hogwarts; perhaps a distant relatives of Nearly Headless Nick (played by John Cleese in the Harry Potter films).

Guy FawkesMy apologies to the The Fat Lady of Gryffindor Tower (Elizabeth Spriggs, and, in a later movie, Dawn French) for cutting and pasting myself into her portrait but the Fat Lady is well known for leaving her painting in the middle of the night to visit other portraits.

Penny for the Guy???

'Actually there is a bit of the familiar in the gleam in this fellow's eye and his bearded face,' writes my friend Rachel from San Diego, 'Have a safe and sane Guy Fawkes day and enjoy heading into the winter.'

Thank you Rachel! Well, Guy Fawkes was a Yorkshireman who didn't think much of the government of his day, so perhaps there is some connection. Next Page


Rotary Club of Wakefield

J K Rowling

Richard Bell,