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Barbara by Elise

Elise, aged 5, drew this lively portrait of Barbara. She scrutinised her model intensely from about six inches away, perching herself on the arm of the chair Barbara was sitting in. We're celebrating a big birthday for Elise's grandad Carl who, mystifyingly, is still 19, even though I've known him for at least 25 years.


Ben is Elise's cousin


Hope and Memory

Emily, Elise's elder sister, was drawing me something she'd dreamt about (although she told me I must not feature the drawing in this diary!). I'm fascinated by children's drawings, but this one really had me mystified.

In fluent brush pen lines on a paper serviette she drew a kind of spiral sunburst pattern, 5 circles and a silhouette that she described as the 'Bird of Hope'.

'You don't know what it is, do you?' she sighed, 'That's the Hole of Hope.'

'And what are the circles?'

'They're memory discs,' she explained in a tone of incredulous exasperation, 'at least I don't see what else they'd be!'

They represented the people she likes the most - friends and family - and each disc was named.


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