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Monday, 31st October 2005, page 2 of 2

Shores of Derwentwater, south of Friars Crag, 4.15 pm

eagleAs we near Shap, along the motorway, what appears to be a huge bird of prey wheels over the hills. Its wings are slightly tilted upwards in a very shallow 'V'. I'm driving, so I don't see much of it, but Barbara says there are no wing patches and we wonder if it might be an eagle rather than a buzzard.

whirligigsIn a rather waterlogged wood near the lakeshore at Derwentwater, two shallow-rooted trees have been blown over to leave a depression which has become a shallow, weedy pond. In a small patch of open water between the pondweeds, whirligig beetles are zuzzing about like high-speed ice hockey players. They live on the surface film - part of the eye looking beneath water, part above. Next Page

Richard Bell,