Saturday, 8th October 2005


This kind of light helmet has the back part curving out behind, a bit like a World War II German helmet. Sallets were worn around the time of the Wars of the Roses. You would have seen a lot of similar helmets being worn at the Battle of Wakefield in December, 1460.

This is a modern copy but it looks a bit battered. Perhaps it's been used for tests of period weapons or even in reenactments.

The word sallet probably derives from the Provençal salada, meaning helmet.

This one sits on a shelf in the Rickaro bookshop, Horbury. It belonged to a friend of Richard Knowles, the bookseller. This friend, who died some years ago, kept it in his study, but what its history is other than that is unknown.

I've come to Rickaro's for my first signing session for Rough Patch. Terry Pratchet occasionally wears a helmet at his signing sessions but I wasn't tempted. This one is too small for me. Next Page



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