Font of Wisdom

Wednesday, 9th November 2005

Once you've got the font into Photoshop you can colour it and add effects, as you would with any other graphic.

It took me half an hour to create this font using Data Becker's Your Handwriting II program which arrived in the post today. The individual letters could do with a lot of editing but at least I've gone through all the stages in creating a True Type font for Windows. It works.

As my old version of the Your Handwriting didn't work properly in Windows XP it's some time since I've used the program and I found myself fumbling through the process: I called the font Aardvark so that it would be there at the beginning of the list when I selected the font in Photoshop.

'Your Handwriting' font

Staedtler permanent LumocolorMaking his Mark

I've had plenty of practice with this type of pen recently, writing addresses on numerous parcels of books and also, at the Rotary Club the other day, using it to draw a lightning sketch of Richard Hensby, their president. I'd taken the marker pen in order to draw on cell but, as we had a hitch with the overhead projector, I ended up drawing on a flip chart.

packageMaking a Packet

After years of using recycled materials I've unfortunately had to opt for a new system of packing to keep up with the demand for the new book. This pre-cut self adhesive card from Novia sticks to itself but not to the book inside. I don't need the bubble-wrap, magic tape, craft knife, recycled cardboard, parcel tape gun, scissors and brown paper that I've been using to pack books for the last five years: just fold the package over the book and seal the ends with a press (optional, but it makes such a neat job, it's worth having).

As it's lighter than my homemade packages, I save more than the cost of the packaging when I'm posting off books via air mail. Next Page


Staedtler permanent Lumocolor Staedtler

Sorry, I can't find anywhere selling Data Becker's Your Handwriting II (now published by Phoenix Global Software): mine came as an e-mail offer from (Nottingham, UK).


Scrapbook Answers magazine (USA) recently featured a similar program on its Answers Disc CD.

I get the self-adhesive packages from Novia (Maidstone, Kent)

Richard Bell,