A Pheasant at the Pond

Monday, 7th February 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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pheasantThree female pheasants stroll towards the bird feeder at breakfast-time. The first comes down the path, the next goes around the pond then the third, a smaller, lost-looking bird, runs across the raised bed and finds the pond between it and its companions. She steps forwards but soon starts floundering amongst the pond weeds. She goes back, looks around again and tries walking to the left . . . no . . . then to the right.

You can imagine the thought-process going on it's her bird brain:

  • I want to join in my companions

  • the pheasant way of things is to walk in a straight line whenever possible

  • what's all this wet stuff in the way?!

pheasantEventually she bursts into flight, across the pond and halfway up the lawn, but still walks the last couple of yards to the bird feeder.

lacewingLacewing Awakening

I sometimes see the odd lacewing on the studio window at this time of year. Today there are five of them, three of those on the outside of the window. The mild weather must have tempted them out of hibernation but there will be little in the way of insect food (aphids) for them to eat for a month or two yet. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk

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