Sunday, 20th March 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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Springwatch Survey 2005

We're well into the Springwatch Survey organised by the BBC and the Woodland Trust but we've only just caught sight of the signs of spring that they asked people to look out for from January onwards.

The postcard for the next stage of the survey, for observations from March onwards (of swift, may blossom and peacock butterfly), arrived with the Radio Times this week.

bumble bee

There have been a lot of croaking frogs in the pond but the first frogspawn, seven clumps of it, didn't appear until yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday morning the first queen bumble-bee I've seen this year buzzed around in the front garden.

Today Barbara spotted (forgive the pun) the first ladybird, a seven-spot, which was trundling over the pavement at Horbury Bridge.

Another sign of spring: we had breakfast outside for the first time yesterday morning.

I notice from the 'This day in 2002' link below that it was on this two years ago that the first frogspawn appeared in our pond. Next Page

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