Can you tell what it is yet?

Saturday, 26th March 2005, page 1 of 2
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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I can't help thinking that it's some kind of creature? A wasp perhaps?

And this might be the head of an ant.

A sheep or goat?


This is more like a llama, in a design taken from an Inca vase.

The line-work is calligraphic - is there a message for us?

There seems to be some reference to 20th century art: Miró?



The figure on the left reminds me of the magical transformations of Picasso drawings but the pirouettes (above) have a sustained rhythm that is more like Matisse. Or Klee taking a line for a walk.


There appears to be a figure on the left: I could see it as some spooky cartoon version of the grim reaper, wrapping himself in his cloak and twiddling his fingers like a dastardly pantomime villain.


But all this is in the eye of the beholder. It could just be a landscape; a woodland scene.

I've added the colour in Photoshop so it's about time that I let you see the whole of the original design, which was purely in line:

When Barbara saw the original (which isn't on paper) she guessed that I had drawn it, but, no; it isn't mine.

I can tell you that two individuals worked on it (one horizontally left to right, the other vertical, top to bottom). Any guesses as to what it is? There's a clue on this page. I should add that the original isn't in black on white.

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Richard Bell,

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