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Saturday, 26th March 2005, page 2 of 2
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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Wonder if you guessed what it is (see previous page):


Here's the original as it appeared on the glass panel of the back door this morning. Barbara was having a steamy session making vegetable soup and the Easter weekend weather has turned cooler.

wasp trail cartoonI noticed the trail and I could see the unfortunate insect trapped by the surface tension of the condensation droplets. It had crawled onto the glass from the left side of the door, as had a second insect that made the vertical trail.

My digital camera in macro mode reveals that the insect is some kind of small wasp; perhaps a gall wasp or a parasitic wasp.

I rescued the struggling artist after I took the photograph.

Random Acts of Inkness

waspJust one reader, Arlene, guesses who my guest artists were: 'two insects stepped in your ink and worked their way across the paper trying to rid themselves of the burden.'

As I didn't give any clues as to the context I think that's a pretty good description.

Random Acts of Inkness is what Karen Winters, from California, calls her blog of 'art journaling, writing and other nonsense'. She asks,'Why do you suppose it made such regular little loops instead of a random wandering path? It seems unnatural for a bug!'

'This is totally fun and fabulous!' says Gina, also in California, 'Thank you for sharing the great work of the “exhausted artist” with me. Your rendition of the wasp's self-study was totally inspired.'

My New Yorker friend Danny Gregory is also way out west at the moment and amongst the things he's been drawing in LA are the local wasps; 'The insects here in California are not art school graduates, more white collar drones dashing about to meet their quotas.'Next Page

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