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Wednesday, 25th May 2005, Norfolk, page 2 of 2

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orange tip
Chaffinch at the bird feeder An orange tip patrols the sunny clearings. A brimstone, half as big again as the orange tip, slower flight A female Mallard flies to and fro overhead several times, on one occasion with male following.

red squirrelgreen-veined whiteThe red squirrels in the captive breeding programme aren't as oblivious to humans as the harvest mice and this glimpse of one looking out of its nest hole is the only view I get when I sit by their enclosure of 10 minutes.

I've got even less chance of seeing otters but they're in the area thanks to a release green-veined whiteprogramme and a quiet, overgrown area near the river has been set aside for them.

The green-veined white at the woodland edge near the enclosure has no border on its upper wing.

waspThis parasitic wasp was strikingly deep red and petrol blue but not in the order I've shown it: it had a blue thorax and red abdomen. It rested on the picnic table a couple of times before flying off. It was a half and one centimetre long. We've since identified it as a wasp that parasitises mining bees. Next Page

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