An Inspector Calls

Saturday, 7th May 2005, Page 2 of 2

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starling nest in our houseWhile I was drawing the flowers (see previous page) this evening, the phone rang and a friend told me of an incident today where a neighbour of hers had deliberately boarded up the nest hole of a starling on his house. My friend said she could hear the young birds calling inside. She was so upset about it she was shaking with anger and frustration.

She'd phoned the RSPCA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and she told me that they'd advised her that, although the neighbour's action is illegal, their inspectors are so busy they probably wouldn't be able to investigate immediately.

My friend was ringing me to ask for the number of our local RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) office. I gave her the number and offered to phone the RSPCA to express my concern. I was upset when after 24 minutes of hanging on, waiting to speak to someone, I was abruptly cut off. Those poor birds.

starlingA Happy Ending

As I was writing this up on the Sunday afternoon, feeling frustrated that I'd been unable to do anything and fearing the worst, I had an e-mail from my friend:

RSPCA came out this morning . . . and the baby birds are fine. The parents can reach them once more as he had to undo his blocking work.

As my friend says, all's well that ends well. Next Page

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