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Sunday, 8th May 2005

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Sheffield Blitz

On this day 60 years ago my mum's friend Olive, who then lived in Southampton, was woken by ships sirens going off to announce an end to the war in Europe, while Thelma who worked at Slazengers mill (then producing munitions) at Horbury Bridge heard the news announced on the Tannoy at work. Church bells rang for the first time since September 1939 (to have heard them in the intervening years would have been a warning that an invasion had started) and in the evening, she remembers, people simply headed for Carr Lodge park and walked around, rather quietly.

After dinner my mum tells a story of Sheffield Blitz which, in 1965, when I was aged 14, I turned into a picture strip story in my long-running school day's project Exercise Book Encyclopaedia. Follow the link below for the full story:

Lin, Michelle and Sarah

Link to Sheffield Blitz story

Art pen and watercolour don't go together too well! But the effect of ink running into the colour could have an expressive use.

This drawing is of my sister Linda, sister-in-law Michelle and her daughter Sarah (who moved more than the others!).

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Richard Bell,

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