Dodging Showers

Monday, 9th May 2005

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snailpheasantFor the past week or two I've made no progress on my current project, my Chickenproof Vegetable Garden sketchbook. I've got the chance today. I escape all the distractions of the studio by going out with a mug of tea, a pen and a notebook and I write sitting at the patio table for most of the day, dodging back inside when shower clouds come over.

This morning a garden snail had climbed halfway up the kitchen window and it spends the day there, clinging to the glass.

The cock pheasant, who is on his own this morning, makes a soft whimpering 'clugh, clugh, clugh, clugh, clugh, clugh' as he feeds from the hopper.

dunnock sparrowThe dunnock on the lawn is on its own. I usually see a pair together; perhaps the female is now sitting on eggs?

Goldfinch and greenfinch may be wary of coming to the feeders while I'm sitting here on the patio but this female sparrow just helps herself to the sunflower seed as usual.


goldfinchAt lunchtime two male blackbirds are doing some sychronised bathing; they seem to have the lawn split down the middle into territories so it's only to be expected that they should have a corner of the pond each.

There's an alarmed whistly call as a goldfinch watches me from the top of the feeder. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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