Wednesday, 15th June 2005


banner makers


Ogunjobibanner makersThere's a calm, ordered feel to this morning's banner workshop in Huddersfield Art Gallery. This is such a contrast to the race-against-time rush I find myself in when I'm painting scenery for the local pantomime.

Oluseyi Ogunjobi and his small team of helpers are dabbing on colour and masking out areas with melted wax, batik fashion, on a huge banner which will form the background to the stage at the street festival in Huddersfield next month.

He tells me he doesn't always work on this scale. There's a chance to see his artwork later in the year when he has a show at Huddersfield. Oluseyi also performs as a drummer.


We've made the trip to Huddersfield to pick up a replacement Rotring Art Pen with an extra fine sketching nib from Calder Graphics. I haven't been able to track one down closer to home, Rotring products seem to be getting more difficult to find these days. Mine went missing a week or two ago and I need it for the lettering in my garden book.

When we get back from Huddersfield it's turned cooler so I go to wardrobe and take out my body warmer. My old pen is in the pocket! Next Page

Richard Bell,