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Albertine Rose

Sunday, 15th June 2003, page 1 of 2, West Yorkshire

Albertine roseroseThis Albertine rambling rose provides shade, fragrance (although at midday as I sketch it I can barely smell it, it's probably stronger in the evening) and a scattering of fallen petals on my Mum's pergola, built on the site of my Dad's lean-to greenhouse.

The buds start out coral-coloured and the newly opened rose has a pink blush but this soon fades to a hint of pink or even just plain creamy white.

Speckled Woods

Speckled Woodspeckled woodWe count seven speckled wood butterflies between Addingford Steps and the canal where trees shad old railway embankments. Beneath the sycamores by the mainline the bracken is sprinkled with glistening drops where honeydew (the waste product excreted by aphids) has fallen from the leaves and stems above. next page

Richard Bell