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house sparrow

Sparrow and Moth

Saturday, 14th June 2003, page 2 of 2, West Yorkshire

house sparrowAs a male house sparrow flies from the hedge a small moth flutters in the other direction. The sparrow diverts to catch it, hovers, and there's an audible 'snap!'

'You weren't quick enough!' I say, as the moth takes evasive action and disappears into the foliage.

sparrow and mothA few moments later the sparrow reappears from the hedge and settles on the back of the garden bench. He stays there, tilting his head a little. I've got time to focus my binoculars on him (we're sitting out after an evening meal on the patio): so - he caught that moth after all! He flies off: it's almost as if he wanted to make sure I saw it!

sharpening its beakThe sparrows like the shed's roofing felt with it's thin coating of sparkling crystals (mica?). They rub their beaks on it like a pet budgerigar sharpening its beak on the sandpaper on the floor of its cage.

house sparrow singingThe end of the ridge of the shed roof is a favourite song post for male sparrows - but I should explaing that their song is a series of chirps. What they lack in skill they make up for in enthusiasm as songsters. next page

Richard Bell