Between Showers

Friday, 3rd June 2005

Emley mast

hawthorn and buttercups jack-by-the-hedgeWe drive through heavy showers towards Emley but the fields around the television mast look springlike as the downpour stops; meadows are full of buttercups, the hedges up here still white with hawthorn blossom.

The north west side of the mast is dark where it's been lashed by rain, the other side remains dry.

Lemon balm, mint and marjoram

Horbury bookWell, it's great having two holidays in the space of 8 weeks but it's also good to touch the ground again. When we got back from our second holiday in Norfolk a week ago I had a commission to do a set of illustrations for a wildlife magazine and a geological walk to lead. They're both done and I'm now printing copies of my Horbury books, Around Old Horbury and Four Corners of Horbury, for the the street fair in the town a week tomorrow.

mug As a small way of proving I am back to normal and I can do ordinary things I've just been out and picked a handful of herbs - lemon balm, mint, marjoram - and made myself a herbal tea with just a smidgen of honey it. After I've finished this printing I need to work on the text and design of my sketchbook on the garden which has to be at the printers at the end of next month. Next Page


Richard Bell,