whitethroatFlight from a Thorn Bush

Sunday, 5th June 2005

old steps, AddingfordAlready the greens of the trees by the canal have a hint of summer dullness. The hawthorn blossom is scattered in oatmeal disks on the paths.

whitethroatThere don't seem to be any sedge or reed warblers singing from the marshy field between the canal and the river but on the opposite bank of the canal, from a thorn tree by the cattle bridge, there's an energetic song: a whitethroat which, helpfully, as we're not up in warblers, makes a brief display flight; up over the field at 45 degrees and back again into the bush. With binoculars I briefly glimpse its white breast between the leafy branches.

elder flowerYesterday evening a young sparrow lay dead on the patio. We assume that it had collided with the window and I'd intended to remove it. It has disappeared overnight but what could have taken it? - A cat, rat, fox, weasel . . . or sparrowhawk?! I'd guess at a cat as we've noticed they include the patio on their patrols. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk