Patio Peas

Monday, 11th July 2005

Patio Peas

pea podPatio peas should be ready to harvest within five to six weeks. There are some very slim-looking pods so it's time to start feeding the plants once a week. Barbara put five plants around a 12 inch pot with twiggy sticks to support them.

garlic This courgette and the garlic aren't looking too good. I've been wondering why four of the five garlic plants have keeled over and failed to grow but today I notice that the courgette plant is covered in a thick layer of fine dust. This is the one patch of open soil left in the veg beds and I guess that the pheasant has been dust-bathing here.

cock pheasantYou'd hardly recognise our resident cock pheasant as the glossy, puffed-up grandee who strutted about with his little harem of females a couple of months ago. Over the last week he seems to have had a serious attack of feather mite which have nibbled away his neck feathers, giving him a scrawny appearance. No wonder that he needs a vigorous dust-bath. The females may be sitting on eggs now.

sparrows dust-bathing I put our small cold frame and some chicken wire over the end of the veg bed. He'll have to join the sparrows in their dust-wallow in the flower border. Next Page

dust holes
Sparrow dust-bathing holes in the flower border

Richard Bell,