Shield Bug

Tuesday, 19th July 2005

shield buglacewingI'd don't get out much today but when I do, there's a large green shield bug at the bottom of the large green paper recycling box and it takes some persuading to get it out.

Then, as I get into the car to drop it into the garage, a green lacewing has found it's way into the car, so that also needs releasing.

And here's this evening's animation. I'm sure I'm going to get somewhere with these animations before too long!


I like the lugubrious bird (a distant relative of the giant bird in the Popeye version of Sindbad the Sailor) and the rotating falling boulder on the right. I wish I hadn't put the sea in; it would work if I'd taken more care over it, but this doodle was strictly for fun: I folded a sheet of A4 scrap paper into twelve squares, drew the borders, then folded each of those in half to give me a crease which would be the flight path of the bird.

The bird was drawn eye, beak, neck, body, wings, tail; bit by bit across all the twelve frames of the animation.

The cloud shapes are supposed to be puffs of smoke and they'd be much improved if they grew in size and dispersed as the move diagonally upwards. Next Page

Richard Bell,