Losing the Plot

Wednesday, 17th August 2005

veg beds 2005

I've been so busy compiling my sketchbook about the garden that the garden itself has become unkempt and overgrown during the last two months - living up to the title I've chosen for my new book Rough Patch. Luckily, when I left it to itself, it had got to the stage where crops were growing quite happily of their own accord.

It's now time to harvest the onions, the rest of the excellent Kestrel potatoes and any beans that might be left.

We don't operate a full rotation in our garden, as we rarely plant anything in the cabbage family, even so, when it gets to the spring, we can never quite remember what we planted where. I've drawn this diagram in the back of my current sketchbook.


I had to get my book ready for a deadline, the first of which was two weeks ago, and Barbara and I have put in some late nights recently finishing things off. We were up until 3 a.m. a couple of nights last week, something I've rarely had to do when working on my books. I'm delighted that it's all finished but I've missed gardening, walking and time drawing in the meantime.

And I've missed writing this diary. Next Page

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