Another Barrowload

Tuesday, 23rd August 2005

barrowThe barrow I used on the cover of the book worked well but the trimmings and the lawn mower basket on top of them weren't immediately recognisable as anything to do with the garden.

It's a lovely day today so I trim a small part of my meadow area - it needs mowing now anyway - and, using as little artifice as I can, I throw in a few bundles of poppies, nipplewort, nettles and sowthistle and put my shears and garden gloves on top of them so that the whole arrangement looks exactly as it would if I was really working in the garden.

The common hawker flies around as it did yesterday, up and down the lawn at a height of about 18 inches.

I enjoy doing the drawing. I try not to get bogged down with it, or to be too uptight when things don't quite go right with it.

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Richard Bell,