Blown Away with the Cobwebs

Friday, 23rd September 2005, North Yorkshire, page 1 of 2

Waving, not drowningIt was one of those days, one of those places, where you felt that every person you met might be a character in an old-fashioned English murder mystery.

Not drowning, but waving

The lady in blue is waving, but to whom? There doesn't seem to be anyone in sight, on the clifftop or out in a boat on the sea below. She turns and heads off over the clifftop meadow.

Cliff lady'Have you seen my friend?' asks the woman striding towards us, 'I left her lying in the grass: I was walking to the lighthouse but it's further than it looks and it didn't seem fair to leave her.'

'Is it the lady in blue? We saw her waving. Yes,' I tell her, looking through binoculars, 'that's her over there in the field. Looks like the rain's on its way!'

'Yes, but it blows away the cobwebs!' she replies, as she strides off towards her friend. Next Page

Richard Bell,