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Friday, 23rd September 2005, North Yorkshire, page 2 of 2

me aged 2
Me aged 16 months at Filey

After a lunchtime rainstorm it came out sunny in the afternoon and I left Barbara sitting on a bench in Filey Country Park, overlooking the bay and walked briskly along a grassy track out along the Brigg. I've seen it from either side, sticking out to sea, often a long grey finger of cliffs in the mist but I've never walked along it before.

When you get to the end, you're on a rugged, grassy headland, looking out over jagged rocks jutting out to sea ahead of you. It must be one of the few places in Yorkshire where you can stand with an arc of blue ahead and to the sides of you - just sky, sea and a chaos of shattered rocks taking up your field of vision.

Behind me to my right, was the arc of sand of Filey, the old-fashioned seaside town where we spent several summer holidays when I was very young, and to my far left was Scarborough and its castle on the cliff, where I've often drawn since my schooldays. I love to head there for a winter's day off. Next Page

Filey Brigg geology trail
Filey Brigg Geology and History Trail, a Dinosaur Coast publication available free from Tourist Information, Filey.

  Filey, 1952Filey, 1952, No wonder I look so serious with my big sister Linda taking me for a ride!  
  Filey 1956
Filey Brigg (background), 1956, the North Sea is always colder than you think! I was aged 5 at the time.


Distant Northern SeaDistant Northern Sea, my Sushi Sketchbook of a day in Scarborough.

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