White Rabbit, Black Cloud

Tuesday, 27th September 2005

sunsetAn evening stroll - that's rare! (by now, we're normally sitting with a glass of wine listening to M People). The sky grades from dove grey above to washed-out gold in the west.

moorhensIt's as well I brought binoculars because what I thought was a mallard on a rock in the river turns out to be a moorhen and there are two swimming in the rapids of the old weir nearby.

As it's such a pleasant evening, we end up going further than we intended. By the time we get to Barbara's mum's, a big black cloud has lurched out of the west.

rain cloudknitted rabbitBarbara's mum has been knitting rabbits again. She's always knitting rabbits. If only she'd sell them she'd make a fortune! But no - today, for instance, she gave away a girl rabbit and a knitted doll with a floppy hat and stubby carrot nose to a friend to give to her great-grand-daughter.

They're little works of art: this white rabbit has so much character just as it is but she's going to dress it in pink. I like the little touches that give it character - like the lopsided ear and the blank, lost look in its eyes - which are single stitches.

sconesAnd she's been baking scones today - I'm glad we called now. My mother-in-law is very much the storybook granny who lived in a house in the woods and enticed children in with gingerbread.

Hang on, didn't that kind of granny have a hidden side, with very large teeth or a tendency to kidnap Hansel and Gretel?! Maybe my mum-in-law has a hidden side that I've never been aware of . . .

The rain has subsided by the time we set off home. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk