Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Hedge, Hand & Haunted House

thornsTuesday, 26th December, 2006
IT'S GOOD TO KNOW that the days are getting longer again, even if it's only by a few minutes . I have to race to finish this drawing of an overgrown, ivy-covered hawthorn hedge, drawn from my mother-in-law's kitchen, before the light goes. I used Pentel Brush Pen brush pento speed up the process but scene was fading into silhouette as I drew, so I didn't have time to add colour.

As it's the party season it's a shame that I'm not drawing various members of my family but I'm not in the mood for fleeting drawings just now and that's what they'd be: people are so animated at parties: talking, drinking, nibbling, singing . . .

handSo I decided to try drawing my hand again, using the green initial wash. I like the way this is going. I've got a more solid look this time and less of the green showing through.

There's another party tomorrow so perhaps I'll get chance to draw my hand yet again.

I think the most difficult part of drawing a hand isn't the detail around the fingers; those are all discrete, interlocking shapes. What I find difficult is relating the back of the hand to the front. It's one big almost empty area and I invariably have an inkling that I must be getting something wrong.

'This can't be right!' I think as I draw it. But it looks reasonably accurate now that I've finished.


Elise hadn't finished the landscape she started yesterday so today she drew me the haunted house that she had intended to add to it.

I would have liked to animate the bats that are flying out from the attic before the house goes 'boom!' but I'm afraid you'll have to do make do with one animated ghost.

But he's probably not as scary as the hedgehog I drew the other day:

'What a start it gave me the first time the eyes moved!' wrote a reader in California, 'I was exhausted from the long drive home after spending a few days at my
daughter's with the grandkids, and thought I was imagining things! what fun, thanks for the treat.'