Folding Chair

Friday, 10th February 2006

easy camp folding chair
steel, polyester/textilene seat
W49 xD49 x H73
weight 2.8 kg, max. load 100 kg

It seemed lighter when we picked it up at the sale in the camping store down the road yesterday, not surprising, as, when I got it home, I realised we'd picked up the junior version, which is far too small for a 6ft 4in chap like me, so we went back and exchanged it.

I've used a similar chair for drawing for some years and I prefer it to the three-legged stools that I use. If I'm not going too far, I'll always take the chair. I like that feeling of being completly at ease; balanced, not hunched, as I sometimes am when I'm perched on my three-legged stool. I can sit comfortably for almost two hours on a chair like this, perhaps getting up to stretch once or twice.

For once, I resorted to typewriter correction fluid to blot out the original leg on the far left: the scale of the drawing seemed to change as I progressed and I had to make this leg longer and change the angle slightly.

Structures like this seem difficult to draw and the best way to tackle them is to look for the shapes - triangles and polgons - of the spaces in between the legs. The seat, by comparison, seems to flow along as I draw it: the legs keep threatening not to join up at ground level.

If I had so much difficulty with this, imagine how difficult I'd find drawing the Eifel Tower.Next Page

Richard Bell,