Going Green

Saturday, 25th February 2006

cherry treeWith scant consideration for the consequences, family and friends have contrived to have their birthday's one after another at this time of year, so, between my niece yesterday and my mum tomorrow, we're here at Diana's, a friend in Wakefield to wish her happy birthday.

I'm not going through my green period; it's just that, sitting inside on this dim day, chatting with Diana and Malcolm, drawing their flowering cherry, I picked out 'mineral green' instead of 'copper beech' watercolour pencil when I coloured in the gable end of the house.

Diana has always been a keen gardener and last year she took on an allotment, just two minutes walk from their house. She was nominated 'best newcomer' on the local allotments and she's been so successful with her first harvest that they're still self sufficient in potatoes and some of vegetables that they've carefully stored in the cool airy space at the back of their cool garage. Next Page

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