Heath Cottage

Sunday, 26th February 2006


Tree at Chickenley, drawn from Heath Cottage.

Betty Boothroyd
Betty Boothroyd
, who grew up in a working-class home in Dewsbury.


treeIt's my mum's birthday today and she's reached an age which is palindromic; the bingo call for it is 'two fat ladies'. My friend Tanya in Singapore tells me that eight 'is a lucky number: the Mandarin/dialect word for it sounds like the word for "prosper" . . . you'll notice traditional Chinese businessmen like to buy cars with license plate 8888, houses with unit no. 8 (or 88 or 888 or whichever they can get).'

Hope my mum has a lucky, prosperous year. Amongst her convivial guests for Sunday dinner at the Heath Cottage hotel their isn't a single fat lady to be seen. Nicely rounded perhaps.


Gateway to Chickenley

I like the website description of the location of Heath Cottage; 'centrally located for most Yorkshire towns offering a gateway to the Dales, Moors and Peak District.'

Well, I expect that's true and it's also offers a gateway to Chickenley, Shaw Cross and Gawthorpe.

The hotel is friendly, airy and traditional in a relaxed kind of way, with more character than your average chain hotel. And you never know who you might see here; my mum once saw Betty Boothroyd, who's varied career took her from a brief spell dancing with the Tiller Girls . . . to Speaker of the House of Commons. Next Page

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