Hard Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, 1st March 2006

sparrowhawkI think of the kestrel as being the motorway bird of prey - hovering above the grass verges but this morning it's a sparrowhawk that flies across in front of us, on the New Park (north of Ossett) stretch of the M1.

As the sparrowhawk's hunting technique is to fly low and swoop over hedges to surprise its prey, it has to zip across the road quickly to avoid colliding with the traffic.

Samplessample jars

I needed some containers for the Chinese ink washes that I'm using so I bought a couple of screw-top jars at Calder Graphics a few weeks ago; they're small glass jars (right, on the left) that you might keep herbs in or use in a chemistry laboratory.

While we were in Boots today, I asked at the pharmacy if they had anything suitable. These wide-necked, screw-top plastic sample jars (right, on the right) are ideal. They're lighter and if they get broken, by falling out of my haversack for example, there'll be no broken glass to deal with. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk