Theatre of Hills

Thursday, 2nd March 2006

Castle Hill

The evening light simplifies the shapes of the Pennine moors. Seen from Lepton, Castle Hill dominates the scene; it's a theatre in the round with the drama of Castle Hill holding centre stage.

Small Wonders

pea seedling
These three drawings show the same seedling from different angles.

We've grown Kelvedon Wonder peas in 3 inch pots on the kitchen windowsill this year. Now that we've put so much work into getting the greenhouse ready for spring, we're intending to grow more crops in there.

Our idea is that the pea seedlings will grow in the raised bed we've constructed in the the greenhouse and crop before we need to plant our tomatoes and cucumber, which are invariably the only crops that get grown in there all year.

We're also growing a compact lettuce on the kitchen windowsill which we should be able to plant out in our unheated greenhouse, provided we cover them in fleece as a protection from frost. Next Page

Richard Bell,