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Tuesday, 14th March 2006

short-eared owl and hen harrierred deer copyright Danny GreenThese sketches were drawn at the talk East Midlands Wildlife given by wildlife photographer Danny Green at this month's meeting of Wakefield Naturalists' Society. I think that you can tell even from these jottings in the dark how much character, humour, action and behaviour Danny gets into his photographs. No wonder he got a 'highly commended' in last year's Wild Photographer of the Year Competition for his picture (right), taken in Bradgate Park, of a rather overdressed red deer stag in the rutting season.

The Honey Trap

He tells us of the preparations that go into getting these spontaneous-looking shots. In order to photograph fox cubs at the den he put down peanuts and honey. One cub, which had a sweet tooth was always the first to turn up in front of the hide for this treat.

The local badgers soon got to know of the handout and for two weeks Danny found himself photographing fox cubs all day and badgers all night.

bittern etc.Where the Wild Things Are

slow worm, adder, hareHe's developed a deep, practical knowledge of animal behaviour and habitat and of the seasons and times of day that are best for photographing particular subjects. One shot of a dragonfly in flight took two sessions and roll after roll of slide film to capture. Danny has now gone over to digital but, at the time, to get two perfect shots it cost him over £300 in film and processing.

Another dragonfly, its wings glistening in morning dew, involved a very early start: you need to be up at 4 a.m. on a summer's day to catch them like this, says Danny; leave it until midday, he explains, and the dragonflies have warmed up and are so active that you haven't got a chance of catching them at rest.

You can take a look at some of his stunning photographs at his website (see link, below) and, if you get the chance, try and get to one of his entertaining talks. Next Page


Danny Green

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