Monday, 13th March 2006


I was hoping to get to the Peak District to draw today but snow is forecast and I wouldn't like to negotiate the hairpin bends of the Strines road across the moors. The snow melts during the day but it's still raw and cold with a shower of sleet in the afternoon which, although it looks like rain, is crunchy underfoot when I go out to the car. I couldn't have drawn for long in this weather, unless I went to one of the show caves to draw rock formations.

There's plenty to catch up with here in the studio.

After dinner in the evening I start drawing my reading glasses, then the hand holding them. I drew both of these without my glasses on, yes, pretty obviously in the case of the first drawing, but I could have put on my spare pair.

In the dim light, the most difficult bit to understand was the shaded area by the mug; my finger nails looked far too long but I tried to draw whatever my eyes appeared to be seeing. Next Page

Richard Bell,